Monday, October 29, 2012

Google Goes Wild with Nexus 10 and Nexus 4

Hurrican Sandy might have ruined Google's plans for today but the world keeps on turning and we got to know the new Nexus devices, and - oh boy - are we in for a treat!

Google Nexus family now spans the smartphone, mini-tablet, and tablet sizes (though at 4.7", one might argue we might have room for a smaller smartphone).

So, get ready for the new Nexus 4 (by LG) and the new Nexus 10 (by Samsung). The Nexus 7 is also revamped, with a 32GB and 3G version.

The Nexus 4 has a 4.7" HD Screen and a speedy S4 quad-core CPU, and it doesn't even lack wireless charging for completely cable free operation. As for the Nexus 10, the rumors were correct, we are in fact facing a 2560x1600 screen resolution tablet!

So, for the "worst part"... that's bound to cost an arm and a leg, right? WRONG!

Google's Nexus 10 starts at just $399(!) for the 16GB version, and $499 for the 32GB model!

As for the Nexus 4... the same! Can't get yourself to pay over $500 or $600 to get a high-end Android smartphone? The Nexus 4 begins at just $299 (for the 8GB version, or $349 for the 16Gb version).

And the Nexus 7, is now 16/32GB ($199/$249), with a 32GB 3G version for $299.

To top it off, all these devices come with the latest Android 4.2, suporting multiple users on the Nexus 7, and having 360º photo panoramas, swype style gesture keyboard, wireless screen support (Miracast), among other things. It sure would have made for a big. big event - I can't imagine how the crowd would react to the $299/$399 price announcements for the Nexus 4/10.

Google has definitively taken off its gloves, and I can't say it has done it soon enough!

... Though I'm wondering just how much of an impact this will have on the market. How can we justify paying over $400 for a smartphone from now on, or $500 or more for a tablet with worse specs than a Nexus 10? Other manufactures, including Google partners, might be forced to rethink their strategies - and, more important: their prices!

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