Monday, October 1, 2012

iPhone 2G to iPhone 5 Boot Speed Test

Remember our old post regarding iPhone generations speed test? Now that the new iPhone 5 has come out, how do you think it will stack up against every other iPhone model ever made? Yes, that means putting it up to the test in a boot up "drag race" to see how much things have evolved over the past years, from the original iPhone 2G up to the newest iPhone 5.

Let's split it up into two groups, the first 3 iPhones really show how much things improved in the first couple of years, from the iPhone 2G to the 3G and 3GS.
  • iPhone 2G: 1:10s
  • iPhone 3G: 0:48s (-22s)
  • iPhone 3GS: 0:31s (-17s)
In 2 years, boot time was shrunk down to less than half than it originally was. That's impressive.
But something weird happens as we progress into the iPhone 4 and newer generations.
  • iPhone 4: 0:33s (+2s)
  • iPhone 4S: 0:25s (-8s)
  • iPhone 5: 0:24s (-1s)

Not only is the iPhone 4 slower than the 3GS, but the iPhone 5 shows no real improvement over the 4S either.

Maybe it's because these models are actually loading a lot more stuff than the previous models, that don't have several of the new iOS6 features - or maybe it's just a sign that the bottleneck is no longer the CPU speed but other things like the flash memory reading speed.

Of course, there are still lots other places where the "2x" CPU power of the new iPhone 5 will have a chance to shine - but you won't see that in action in boot times alone.

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