Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Fix Contacts Bug in iOS/iPhone

If you recall the weird bug I've been complaining about since I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5 and iCloud, that made some of my contacts show up as "numbers" instead of by name - just like in the ancient times of the cellphone era - and that, sadly, has survived even to the new iOS 6 upgrade and change of iPhone... you might want to know that... I've finally solved it!

You might want to think for a minute just how annoying it is to have some friend call you or message you, and instead of his name (that you have saved in your contact list) you get to see just some cryptic numbers.
The "workaround" I've been using involved calling the number, just for an instante, and cancelling it... because during the calling period, the contact name did show up in the iPhone screen!

But, just like the very few other persons complaining about in Apple's Support forums... we were too fre to even be noticed.

Thankfully, someone decided to share the thing that solved the issue for him. He suggested I should try enabling the iCloud contacts sync - because that did the trick for him.

Well, in my case that option was already enabled, and so - once again - my hope of fixing it was tumbling down fast. But, in any case... nothing like trying the good olf flick of the switch, and so i turned off the iCloud contacts sync and on again.
And... can you believe that really did the trick!?!

All the recent calls and messages that showed up as "numbers" now showed up the contacts name, as intended.

If you're suffering from the same issue, I hope this might fix it for you as well!

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