Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S "Mini" coming Soon?

The latest tendency in Android smartphones has been "bigger is better", and it's reaching a point that os becoming ridiculous: how big is big enough? We've went from 3" to 4" screens, and are now getting to 5" smartphones...

Sure, lots of people will appreciate the extra screen estate, but lots others will struggle to be able to handle it properly, not to mention "lugging" it around. Am I the only one who fondly remembers the time when cell phone makers battled for the creation of the tiniest of cell phones? (I still remember falling in love for a Samsung cell phone - after my first Motorola MicroTAC - exactly because it was tiny!) I've been saying that we need high-end smartphones in more compact sizes, for a long time; and it finally seems someone has heard it.

Samsung is sending invites for a special event on October 11th in Germany, with the teasing title: "So big can be small. And so small can be big".

A title that makes us imagine that a new high-end Galaxy S model is coming, in compact size.

Now all that is left for us to figure out is: how small is small enough?

[via gsmarena]

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