Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jailbreak is Legal for Smartphones but Illegal for Tablets

The USA might be the land of the free... but only as long as you don't run into the many DRM and Copyright laws like the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Fortunately, those laws - that only plague the lawful paying customers; as pirates keep getting their content from other sources without being force through hoops to peacefully enjoy the musics, ebooks and videos they paid for - do come with some exceptions and exemptions. Exemptions that have been updated recently and... well... I can't really begin to describe it.

First, the good news: it's still legal to root or jailbreak your smartphone, in order to execute legal apps that might not have been approved by the device vendor.

Then, the bad/weird news: though you can root/jailbreak your smartphone doing the same on a tablet is illegal!

Yes... you've read that right... (I've tried reading it a couple of times to see if it began making any sense... but with no sucess).

Also, if you're used to unlocking your smartphones non-officially, be sure to do it only on devices bought until next Januarey 26th, 2013. From then on, unlocking a cellphone without the express approval of the operator it's locked to, will revert to being illegal.

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