Saturday, October 6, 2012

Movable Pixels Wall Display

These days, having a image the size of a wall isn't that hard... everyone has witnessed it every time they go to the movies, or can even do it at home with a simple projector. Sure, it can impress anyone seeing for the first time... but... it's really not that hard... or even special.

Things would be different however, if instead of digital pixels being projected on the wall, it was the wall itslef that moved to create patterns and animations. Something that would push us back into a time where mechanical devices made a lot more sense (the only sense?) than theoretical electronic devices with no moving parts.

Check out this amazing wall display created by Hyunday for a Korea expo.

And if you want to see how things work - literally - behind the walls, be sure to check out the following making-of video as well:

[via hackaday]

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