Friday, October 5, 2012

Steve Jobs Died 1 Year Ago

It was precisely one year ago that Steve Jobs died. A visionary, a technology mogul, a hippie, a family man, a feisty boss, and even the man that hid the Porsches... like any other person on this world, it would be a mistake to try and narrow it down to a simple word. Steve Jobs was a complex human being like any other person on the planet - but unlike most, he did get to fulfill his wish.

He wished to change the world... and he did. His name will forever be remembered by all those that look back into the dawn of the computer era and look at the beginning of Apple computers - and again when they look at the smartphone and tablet mobile revolution (that is bound to keep going with the upcoming iPad Mini - even though he once said "small tablets didn't make any sense).

Things change, and there are certainly a lot of technological revolutions still to come, but for the time being, we all have to thanks Steve Jobs for putting his ideas into real products that anyone could buy: thanks Steve Jobs, for the iPhone, for the iPad, and for all that these devices did to set the course for the rest of the industry.

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