Thursday, November 22, 2012

Apple adds Geotagging to Events and Files

Apple has applied for a patent that adds an interesting tweak to events on your smartphone. If you ever used the search function onany device, you'll certainly remember how much you appreciate being able to search by name, date, and possibly size. Now, Apple is intending to add geotagging to the mix.

Just like you can now easily search your photos by plotting them on a map, thanks to the embedded GPS coordinates in the EXIF data (if you've enabled it), in the future you might search for events on your iPhone based on where you were.

I can really relate to that: lots of times I might remember where I was when I read an email or receveid a phone call, but can't really pinpoint "when" it happened. Having the option to narrow it down by place would certainly help track down what we are looking for.

For now it's nothing but a patent application, but lets hope it comes to fruition soon (and hopefully this patent won't be "nasty enough" to prevent everyone else from doing a similar thing - after all, the photo GPS tagging has been around for quite a while.

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