Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Fix a Scuffed iPhone 5

If you have a black iPhone 5 and don't want to use a protective bumper or cover case, you may be constantly worrying about getting it scuffed or scratched. Although its black anodized finish is able to withstand some abuse, some people complain that it eventually wears off and starts looking bad.

Is that's your case as well, you might want to consider the following option: instead of trying to hiding out those shiny aluminum patches in your iPhone 5... why not make it stand out even more by polishing your iPhone 5 bezel?

Although I still prefer its stealthy all-black original look, I concur that the silver bezes does look better than a scuffed one. Thankfully, even after using it for over a month without any protective cases, my black iPhone 5 still looks as good as new... so, I won't have to consider this option - at least not yet. :)

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