Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apple Removes Emoji Enabler Apps from the App Store

Remember the time when we had to resort to "tricks" to enable the emoji keyboard on iOS devices? This is the keyboard that allows you to insert smileys (and lots of other symbols) into your text messages, and that has grown to become quite a phenomenon these days. There are those that can say quite a lot using just a couple of these symbols - and it also comes in handy when you need to create short folder names.

In those days, the emoji keyboard was only accessible on japanese devices, and you had to resort to special Apps - that had those hidden emoji keyboard enabling functions - to activate it on other iPhones. But with the arrival of iOS6, the emoji keyboard is now accesible to all, no tricks required.

So, Apple has decided that it no longer makes sense to have these apps on the app store.

A smiley day for emoji fans... but not so great for all those developers that had their emoji Apps we all depended upon back in those days.

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