Saturday, November 10, 2012

Flying iPads in Wal-mart in Kentucky

If you're to buying stuff online, you've probably already received a package in less than ideal conditions - making you wonder just what kind of "abuse" those packages withstand during its journey. But, one thing is accidental and unintended damage... another is doing it on purpose. Things like some employees on a Kentucky wal-mart decided it would be fun doing - and recording it on video - throwing iPads through the air, and event throwing them to the ground on purpose.

Sure, stupidity is not confined to a single store, or state, or even country. But it serves to show you what kind of stuff can happen "behind the scenes". So, if you're the kind of person that doesn't by online and prefer to grab hardware from a local store because you can get it yourself... now you know it may not mean that much, if the store has these kind of staff in there.

At least in this case, at least four employees involved in this incident have been fired - which will know (hopefully) allow some more considerate ones to get their jobs.

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