Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jam With Chrome

Still stuck on the idea you could have been a rock star? Want to dust off that dream and gather around a couple of friends for some jam sessions online? Google had now made it a lot easier, thanks to this Jam with Chrome.

This Chrome experiment allows you play music live with your friends, allowing you to form a band of up to 4 elements. Each one can choose between a number of different acoustic and electronic instruments, ranging from guitar to keyboards and drums (19 in total). If you haven't practiced lately, this experiment also lends a helping hand, as you can either play the instuments "for real" or use a simplified mode that will make sure you sound great no matter what.

So... what are you waiting for... invite some friends and start jamming.

(In case your technical mind is wondering how this can be done inside your browser Google also explains the technology behind this project with things like the Web Audio API, Web Sockets, Canvas, etc.)

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