Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Remove the Ads from uTorrent

If you've heard of torrents, you've probably heard of uTorrent as well. This is probably the most widely used torrent program out there, and it's easy to understand why. Small, lightweight, fast, powerful, filled with features for both newcomers and advanced users alike... and free.

But, in its latest version, uTorrent comes with a new feature some users might not like very much: uTorrent is now ad supported. But before you start complaining, you'll like to know that its development team gave everyone a easy way out of these sponsored ads, should you prefer not to support them this way.

You just need to go to:

  • Options > Preferences > Advanced

and set the option: sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled to "false".

Next time you start up uTorrent, the ads will be gone.

[via Torrent Freak]

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