Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Search for File Sizes in Gmail

If you're an avid Gmail user, you're probably already aware of the powerful search features Google's Gmail has to offer. Not only you can use the expanded search input box to access lots of different search fields, including searching for date and attachments; but you can also use special search codes as well, such as "from:", "to:", "has:attachment" or the "l:shopping" (to search for emails with the "shopping" label, for instance).

However, one annoying flaw that drove users crazy was that although you can search for emails having attachments... you couldn't search for attachments based on their size!

If you had a gmail account nearing its size limit, you can understand just how useful such a feature would be to quickly find the bigger culprits.

Well... now you can search for email file sizes... using the "size:" search code.

Meaning, if you want to search for emails larger than 5MB, just enter the following in the search box (without quotes:
  • "size:5000000" - (or 5242880, if you want to be exact)

To find emails bigger than 50MB, just add a zero... or enter any other size of your choosing, in bytes.

I starter with emails larger than 100MB, and then dropped down to 50 and 25MB, and last but not least, to 5MB. In just a few minutes I reclaimed nearly an extra gigabyte of Gmail space, just by deleting year old emails that had no purpose whatsoever. And don't forget you can easily search for file types, so you can easily find large avi, mov, pdf, ppt, jpg, and so on - using "filename:pdf" for instance.

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