Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Secret Treatment of McDonalds Photoshopped Burgers

Most even people have grown so accustomed to it by now that they don't even care that the hamburgers they're served in places like McDonalds have nothing to do with the images you see on the ads. Let's face it, all hamburgers look great in those lighted big screen posters splashed around everywhere. But when you order your Big Mac or Double Cheese, what you get looks like something that went through hell and back again! Smashed, squished, over/under-melted cheese... a complete messy disaster that couldn't look further away from the image we see on the ads.

Yes, those hamburgers images we can see on the ads are nothing but an illusion. Those hamburgers are carefully assembled to look as amazing as possible, and even go as far as being "beautified" in Photoshop like human models.

So, if you want an hamburger that not only tastes good but also looks as good as you want... the only option seems to be making it yourself. (Just leave out the Photoshop part, as it might cause you indigestion! :)

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