Friday, November 16, 2012

Weird but True App - National Geographic

Inspired by National Geographic's popular Weird but True fact book, we can now have a digital improved version for iPhone and iPad. If you just can't believe how weird our planet - and even other planets - can get, this it the one App you won't want to miss.

For instance, did you know that the winds in Neptune reach over 1200mph? Yep, faster than the speed of sound on Earth.

Though it's not free, the Weird but True universal App for iPhone and iPad can be considered a good investment - allowing you and your kinds to explore the strangeness of our world during a long road trip, fo instance. It certainly promotes a healthy discussion between family and friends, and will contribute to everyone's cultural knowledge.

I for one, am the kind of person that simply loves these strange weird facts - and although some of the "facts" do sound kind of lame... for the most part they're quite enjoyable and entertaining... not to mention... WEIRD.

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