Friday, December 21, 2012

Auxo App Switcher Shows how Much iOS has Fall Behind

One of the great things about iOS (its stability and optimization) can also be looked upon as one of its major drawbacks, as it severely restricts what developers can do to enhance/modify certain aspects of how the system works - suffice to say, you can't even use a different touch keyboard. However, that's not a problem for those that resort to jailbreak, and in some cases, I guess all users wish they had.

Take a look at this Auxo, an App Switcher that clearly shows just how much Apple has fall behind in improving their iOS.

While many user appreciate the app switching Apple has brought to iOS (though it's accessible through an unfriendly double click on the home button), showing just the App icons pales in comparison to what Auxo does.

With Auxo you get thumbnails of the current App State (together with App icons, so there's no doubt about what you're looking at). But there's more than just "prettying things up". You can also "kill" any app by simply swiping down each icon off the screen - and if you use the traditional tap-and-hold, you can kill all apps in one go (better than having to tap on dozens of small wiggling "x" on each App).

More so, it even warns you when you're trying to kill an app that is doing background tasks - such as streaming music. Something the native task manager doesn't even consider.

Besides all that, you also get completely redesigned (for the better) media controls that finally look like they belong to this century, and that show you more info about what's playing, including cover art if available. And, as if that wasn't enough, you also get quick access to shortcut setting options, like WiFI, 3G, Bluetooth, etc. - that you can even reorder as you wish (and take you to the native settings page, if you tap-and-hold on them).

It's precisely one of those cases that should make Apple reconsider their stance on iOS development. If they're not willing to pick up the pace and begin innovating as they once did, at least open up the platform so other developers can do it for them. Allowing for 3rd party task managers and keyboards would be a nice way to start.

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