Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to Fix iOS 6 WiFi Unable to Join bug

Ever since I updated my iPhones to iOS 6 I was experiencing a very strange thing: all iOS 6 iPhones failed to connect to my main WiFi hotspot. An hotspot that had been working just fine for years, without any hint of trouble, and that still worked perfectly... provided you tried it with a iOS5 device.

However, as I have two other hotspots at home, one acting as a repeater, another as a separate network, and both were working fine (yes, I was able to connect to a repeater but not the the primary hotspot)  never worried about it too much.

But yesterday, with the iOS 6.0.2 update promising to fix WiFi bugs, I hoped that it would finally take care of it... but it didn't. But then, one of my most regular readers pointed me to a post that talked about an identical problem... and how they were able to fix the problem by simply typing the wifi network name manually!

Could it be that simple?

I actually had never tried that, because all my WiFi SSID's showed just fine and in full strength. But, although it connected fine to my other 2 WiFi networks, there was the "one" that always ended up in a "unable to join" error.

Well... no harm in trying. And... it actually did the trick! I was able to connect to the elusive WiFi network I had been unable to connect to for months (since the iOS 6 update).

Although this doesn't seem to be a widespread or common bug, if you ever face the same weird unable to join errors in a specific WiFi network, be sure to try and enter its name manually. You never know that might be it - as it was in this case.

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