Monday, December 10, 2012

CloudPT Offers 16GB of free Cloud Storage for Everyone

If you're constantly worrying about sparingly manage your Dropbox account, due to its tight size limits (for free accounts), you'll like to know that there's a new portuguese Cloud service coming up today, that will offer each and every user 16GB of free cloud space. Its name is CloudPT from Portugal Telecom.

It's a "no string attached" service: they won't be charging you after a "promotional period"; you don't have to use or subscribe any of their other services; you don't even need to create an email account in their service. All you have to do is sign up using your regular email, and... think about how you'll put your free 16GB of cloud space into good use. (As usual, you also get free iOS/Android Apps).

There's only one slight catch... is that the service is "invite only", with users having 3 invites to spread around between their friends. (A clever way to prevent it from having millions of users trying to create accounts simultaneously - and at the same time heating up the "desire" to have one of those invites. :)

So... looks like its time to call your portuguese friends and ask them nicely for an invite. ;)
(I'm already out of invites, but we're setting up a shared doc where people can ask for one, and then "repay the favor" by giving one of their own invites to someone else on the list - if you're interested let me know on the comments).

One final touch that some users will certainly love a lot, is that you can setup your own custom domain for a shared folder in CloudPT - meaning you can use it to host files and content on the web. If your hosting server has limited bandwidth, you could put all your photos, music, videos - for instance - on CloudPT, and serve them directly.


  1. Great stuff. Always enjoy following you on twitter and seeing your posts.

    I'm interested in this and would love an invite. My email is RossNelson06 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  2. Nice article! I am interested also and would like to get an invite: pedro_silva[at]yahoo dot com


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