Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tablets Battery Life

If there's anything that may stand out when we use tablets, is that their larger batteries make it last and last, longer than our smartphones than can barely go a day (or two) without requiring recharging.

Now, some of the most popular tablets were put to the test and we can see just how long they can really last.

When it comes to 10" tablets, we find the iPad retina to be well ahead of the pack, with an impressive 811 minutes while browsing the web over WiFi. In second place we find the older iPad 2 (with 590 minutes), and only then do we find the Android Tablets, like the Xperia S, Galaxy Tab 2 and Google's own Nexus 10 (which trails the Surface RT from Microsoft). In the worst spot we find Asus's Transformer Prime (but it could fare better should you choose to dock it to the keyboard, with its secondary battery).

Impressive to see the difference we have from the Nexus 10 (488 minutes) to the iPad 3/4 (811 minutes)!

As for the 7", things are similar. Apple's iPad mini leads the pack with 783minutes, and the second is Amazon's Kindle Fire HD (591 minutes), followed by the Nexus 7 (550 minutes).

With this in mind, how much do you value battery life when it's time to decide wich tablet to buy? Would the longer iPad battery-life diret you to chose an Apple device over an Android? Or do you think even the average battery life is now "more than enough" for you to not to take it so seriously?

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