Thursday, December 6, 2012

MacBook Pro Retina LCD with Burn-in Problem?

The new MacBook Pro retina display might be amazing to look at, with its "insane" 2560x1600 resolution, but it seems like the new technology it uses also has some serious drawbacks. How would you feel if you too had spent over $3000 in such a high-end device, just to notice that this amazing retina display suffers from burn-in problems like old CRTs and Plasma displays?

It's quite strange, as - as far as my knowledge and understanding of how LCDs work - LCDs shouldn't suffer from any kind of burn-in or after-image persistance (other than the time each pixel takes to change color).

However, that won't mean much to anyone having such a large amount of money buying the latest and greatest tech available, to find out it acts just like an old screen. And to make matters worse, Apple says the screen is good as it is, having followed their test procedures displaying black squares for 3 minutes, followed by a gray screen for 1 minute (again, a test that would be quite common on plasma displays, but I can't grasp why it would be done on a LCD).

In this case, the issue seems to be more noticeable not with "black on white" images, but with gray on white. Something that Apple's test doesn't seem to consider.

If you have a MB Pro, have you noticed any sort of "burn-in" effect like this one?

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