Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Gmail App for iOS - What a Waste... of Space

After the recent Gmail App for Android update (sadly just for Androids 4.0+), it's time for a complete revamp of the Gmail iOS App.

There's a lot of changes, with a new look, new animations, and - perhaps best of all - support for multiple accounts (limited to 5 - who knows why!). You can now accept or decline Google Calendar and G+ invites without leaving the App, as well as "+1" and reply to G+ posts from the app itself.

However... not everything is an improvement - as this App follows the annoying trend of white spacing everything, meaning you now get less actual content. Precisely the opposite of what you'd expect!

Let's compare the old Gmail for iOS with the new Gmail:

For starters, where you could before see 8 messages at a glace, you can now only see 6.

And there's also an annoying change that I just can't believe why it was made: in the previous version the search function was always at hand, on the top menu bar. Now, it has moved to a line beneath it - that not only wastes space that could/should be user for showing content - but that also scrolls out of sight when you flick down. Meaning... if you're two or three screens down (trying to find a message) and decide you want to use the search function, you need to scroll back to the top in order to be able to use it.

I really can't think how the mobile Gmail team can do this kind of "improvements" without realizing it's making it worse. Don't they actually try these things out before pushing it out to the world?

(For reference, that's on an iPhone 5 screen - you can imagine that in the majority of iPhones out there, with the shorter screens, you'll be seeing even less emails.)

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