Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ProCam App Recommends Weekly iPhone Reboots

It's not the first time I've ranted about Apps and App Store procedures.

Being a programmer with a low-threshold for bad programming methods, I can't stop complaining about those apps that force us to go through endless "memory leaks fixed" updates - not to mention those (thankfully very rare) cases when you get to see a App update saying: "Please DO NOT install this update. It has a bug. Waiting for the App Store to deploy the fixed version!"

But today I got one that was quite curious, and that tried to "teach us" about how we should use our iPhones. The latest ProCam update decided to face the claims of its instability and crashes with a simpler explanation: the problem is not the App, but your iPhone... and the best thing to fix that is to reboot your iPhone!

More so, they say you should do it at least once a week!

Sure, I can admit that iOS isn't perfect - and that somehow, as time goes by, the system might waste a few megabytes of unclaimed/unused RAM. But... can you really admit one camera App to require you to reboot before using it... when you have thousands more Apps, that can do just fine? And I mean... if even resource intensive games have no trouble running in my iPhone after months and months of continuous operation - no reboots whatsoever - should I really accept a camera app would be any different.

Even worse, a Camera App is something that you expect to use at any moments notice, and need it to simply work, at that very moment. Is there anything worse than trying to capture "the right moment" just to figure out the App has crashed and you got nothing?

So... no matter what their recommendation is (the weekly reboot thing), I think my fix will be a lot simpler and faster: to simply uninstall the ProCam App (and any other that makes the same kind of recommendation).

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