Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The "Recycled" Music

You've probably noticed that some musics are suspiciously similar to others, allowing you to even sing each other lyrics interchangeably without any problem whatsoever. Does it happen by chance, is it intended, or is it just plain sloppy work from music writers that want to save some time and "copy" what's already proven?

Who know... but there are cases that "good sounding" progressions really do surprise us, as they become the basis for many (and I do mean many) popular songs over the decades - as it was perfectly demonstrated by the "Pachelbel Rant" (which follows below). But today, I also bring you a more modern version by a groups called The Axis of Awesome, that shows us how four simple music chords seem to have been responsible for dozens of hits.

And as promised, Pachelbel Rant follows:

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