Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Facebook Poke copies SnapChat

Facebook has decided to bring back its old poke feature as a rematch to SnapChat, and the result is Poke for mobile. The Facebook has been around on the web since 2004 (wow, time does fly!), allowing you to - well - poke someone. It might be of less interest now that most people are connected 24/7, but considering the success of SnapChat, Facebook decided it should have his own disposable message service.

Yes, unlike regular messages, the text, photos and/or videos you send via poke to your friends will only be seen for 1,3,5,10 seconds before vanishing forever. If you're a SnapChat user, here are the slight differences you can expect:

Tough nothint stops you from photographing or recording the message with another smartphone or camera, at least you'll know if your friends try to "screen grab" the message or photo, as the iPhone app will alert you.  And as for what might be done with the data in Facebook servers, access keys are deleted after two days, and everything is cleared up after 90 days.

As a last note, the voice you hear as the notification alert is Mark Zuckerberg's own voice.

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