Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fake Apps Keep Popping Up in Apple's App Store

Just a few days ago we detected the arrival of a fake Halo 4 on the App Store, but it looks like the problem is more widespread than we had antecipated. There are new fake Apps popping up, trying to grab easy money from the users that might be led to believe that "if it's in the App Store, then it's safe!"

We start with the iBlackList app, that promises to blacklist unwanted phone calls - something that most people would certainly like to have... but that's (currently) impossible to do in the iOS - as Apple doesn't give developers the ability to block incoming calls. (Though you may find some serious Apps that do deliver this, but using forwarding phone number that are screened before being redirected to your phone).

From the comments to the App, lots of users have already been deceived and aren't happy about having paid for such a sham.

The second one is quite clever, as it tries to cash in on the good fame of the popular jailbreak mod SBSettings - that allows you to add shortcuts for different system settings. In the fake SBSettings on the official App Store, you do get some nice screenshots... but that also turn out to be nothing you'd hope for. There is currently no way to do that in a non-jailbroken iOS. And don't let the good ratings deceive you - those are either as fake as the app itself; or refer to a previous different App. (It might be a good scam tactic: offering a decent free App to gather good ratings, and then replace it for a scam App - with a completely different name - hoping to catch some unsuspecting users).

So, I once again urge you to carefully consider what you're buying in the App Store, particularly when it sounds to good to be true. At the very least try checking out any other Apps by the same developer, check their sites (in this case, some links even point to non-existent sites!) and ask around before buying it.

Once again, the "walled garden" Apple would like us to believe would guarantee the Apps quality/seriousness in the App Store, looks like it has been breached beyond repair - as you can't really trust anything you might see in there, as these two more examples (three considering Halo 4) clearly show.

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