Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Apples Doubles Up iPad to 128GB

Coincidence or not, nearly on the third anniversary of iPad's unveiling, there's a new iPad coming to town. But you might be disappointed id you think it's a revamped model with new design. In fact, it's exactly the same as the existing iPads... the only difference being it now offers twice the amount of memory of the existing iPads: 128GB of storage space inside).

If you're the kind of user that is constantly shuffling apps and content around on your iPad, you'll certainly love the chance to carry double the stuff you already do: be it high-def videos, entire photo albums portfolios, or gigabytes of your music collection: all without requiring a wireless internet connection. The new iPad will arrive promptly and will cost $799 (WiFi) and $929 (WiFi + Celular).

Some people - myself included - find it surprising for Apple to launch such a model in an off-cycle moment. But that leads me to believe that Apple will use this extraneous event to delay the launch of a complete new iPad to later in the year. Maybe even join up the new iPhone and new iPad events - particular now that "new features" are hard to come, and people start feeling every new iPhone/iPad is just "yet another faster iDevice with nothing else to show".

As for that new iPad, one can expect it will use some of iPad mini teachings, with narrower bezels and even slimmer body - while for the new iPhone 5S one can expect an upgraded CPU, and 13MP camera). More enticing might be the chance to get an iPad mini with Retina display... or finding out if Apple does indeed plan to launch a low-cost iPhone/iPad for the emerging markets to make it harder on the Android tablet and smartphone domination.

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