Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Firefox OS Boilerplate App

When you're starting to develop in a new language or for a new platform, every little bit of help counts. And that's precisely why Firefox OS developers will like to know they can now take a look at this Firefox OS boilerplate App and see how they can implement some of the basic (and not so basic) features.

For instance, this app contains examples for WebActivities and WebAPIs, doing stuff like: taking pictures, image pickers, dial numbers, add contacts, send SMS, share URL and images, add alarms and notifications, vibrate the phone, check the battery status, etc. etc.

Certainly it will come in handy for all developers wishing to dive into Firefox OS App development - a platform which I sincerely hope to have a bright future, as it will bring us closer to a truly universal mobile platform, where the apps you want to use (and buy) won't be locked to a particularly platform like iOS or Android, which you'll lose access to should you ever consider switching to a device of a different platform.

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