Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Google Doodle Zamboni Style

I think this post should be accompanied by the song "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice - but in any case, it's a well deserved tribute to the man that (literally) changed the landscape on ice rinks. Google has decided to celebrate Frank Zamboni's 112th anniversary with an interactive Google Doodle that will certainly be responsible to "waste" thousands of man-hours around the globe.

If you live in a country where ice rinks aren't that common, you may be thinking "Who the heck is that guy? but for everyone else that can't keep away from ice, Zamboni is a name that will sound suspiciously familiar. Yep, those "zambonis" moving around the rink resurfacing the ice where invented by Frank Zamboni, and you can thank him for the perfectly flat surface you get on your ice rink.

You see, thanks to the underlying refrigeration tubes, the ice surface becomes rippled... and that's not what you'd want when you go ice skating.

Well... truth be told, we already had reasonably flat ice rinks before... but that was a task that took several men scrubbing away for an hour or more. With Zamboni's invention, that became something that could be done by a single person in just a few minutes.

"Ice ice baby"!

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