Friday, January 18, 2013

Xbox Live Account Migration to Other Countires Finally Possible

It might have gone unnoticed by many... but it's a common cause for concern for all those that change countries and would like to take their Xbox 360 with them. The problem isn't carrying the Xbox around, but having your account permanently tied to the country you first registered with. Maybe Microsoft forgot that at least in Europe, it's quite common for people to hop around different countries... and can you imagine having to start all over again after having your Xbox live account filled with achievements and content you bought over the years - that's unnaceptable, and you can find lots of complaints about it in forums all over the internet.

But finally, Microsoft is now allowing us to change the region of the Xbox Live account.

It's still not perfect, as some restrictions apply (although those are quite acceptable I think), but the worst part is that you may lose access to content you had already bought and paid for - particularly, movies and such - and if you have subscribed Xbox Music pass, it will be immediately cancelled, meaning you won't be able to hear even the musics you've downloaded!

Well... at least you can now change countries and take your Xbox live account with you. Having this done, we can now focus on the next "issue": making every type of content available for everyone, no matter what country or region they're in. After all... isn't that what the internet is all about?

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