Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Big Mansion

Looking for a small HTML game to play in your web browser? I suggest you give this Little Big Mansion a try. A curious game where you you have to reach the end of the (small) game levels, and with only one power in hand: the power to switch object sizes. You can click a small box and then a large painting to make the painting small and the box large, and so on.

The fact that you can only do that, and that there are just a few items per level results in puzzles that can easily be solved within a few seconds or couple of tries - but that doesn't detract from it being a great game (even if just to prove that fun games don't have to take up gigabytes and need dozens of hours of play to master).

Even with such a simple premise, the game still adds some nice touches along the way, like exterior levels (with rain and thunder), and later on, wardrobes where you can hide and change size with them.

With a bit more time, I can easily imagine the developers could come up with some really devious level designs that would make us sweat... Maybe in a future version?

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