Sunday, January 13, 2013

Drift Gymkhana... in Two Wheels

If you like any sort of motorsportos, you've probably already came across amazing videos like the ones from Ken Block, master of "Gymkhana", where the only rule that seems to exist is: "no turn shall be turned like an ordinary driver would". (If you never heard of Ken Block before, I have one of his videos in the end of the post.)

These mesmerizing videos seem to defy the laws of physics, and no one can cease to be amazed by the sheer level of man-machine connection required to pull these stunts. But... if you think that's amazing in a four wheeled car, what would you say if you saw the same (or probably more) kind of control with two less wheels?

Yep, it's possible... and one can't stop thinking just how many falls these guys must have endured while perfecting these skills! (Or maybe there's just some kind special of people that are born this way. :)

Enough talk... let me show you exactly what I'm talking about.

And here's Ken Block in action:

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