Saturday, January 12, 2013

Father Hires Virtual Assassins to Murder Son's Game Character

How far would you be wiling to go to get your son "out" of online video games? For a concerned chinese father, that watched his 23 year old son spend all his time playing online instead of searching for a job, the tactic was quite ingenious: hiring virtual assassins to kill his son in-game character.

I think that having a more powerful gamer constantly hunting you down and killing you is more than enough to make you want to reconsider your options. Unfortunately, the options that his son put on the table weren't exactly the ones his father wanted to hear.

He said that he might even stop playing... but, even if he did, he still wouldn't search for a job.

Well... it might not have worked in this case, but it's still a tactic you might want to use should you ever face a similar problem. :)

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