Friday, January 11, 2013

Samsung shows Curved OLED Screen

If Samsung's curved OLED screen smartphone didn't caught your attention, how about a curved OLED screen TV? The first of its kind, according to Samsung.

Although I'm all in favor for it (as I'll explain in a second), I think that, just as the 21:9 screen format TVs, this is something that will most likely be relegated just for the home-cinema enthusiasts (if it ever comes to fruition). For the most part, people will continue to prefer the completely flat screens that they'll be able to put on a wall without looking like they're peeling off - even if in some cases, their ultra slim screens are put in a stand where it wouldn't make any difference whether they were 1mm thick or 30mm!

But why go back to curved screens when we spent so much time and effort to develop "flat screens"? Some of you will still remember the old CRT curved screens, and the flat screen CRTs that were regarded as a big achievement back then.

The key point is that flat screens are not particularly suitable to the way our eyes work (just like many photographers know that sometimes it's hard to keep an image in focus in both the center and the corners of a photograph).

In a flat screen, the distance from our eyes to the center and the borders of the screen isn't constant - and it will produce distortions (in small screens that effect is negligible,  and that's why most people won't care about it). But as screens grow larger, that effect increases, and that's why it's common to see curved screens on large movie theaters, and not only curved in one axis but both (the so-called Torex screens).

Let's hope next year Samsung will bring us a 100" Torex OLED screen to make us dream with the kind of thing one might hope to be able to afford a decade or so from now. ;)


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