Thursday, January 10, 2013

Synaptics Sensa Tablets Showcases Narrow Bezel Problems (and Solutions)

Mobile devices are getting larger and larger screens, but we want them to be smaller and more compact. That means that the bezels around the screen are getting smaller, to accommodate for larger screens in the same physical size, and we can already expect that it's just a matter of time until we'll have a full 100% screen tablet with no bezel at all.

While we're not there yet, there are still problems that must be faced - and solved - should we ever want to have such devices. This Sensa concept tablet from Synaptics was designed to show how it can be done.

With narrow bezels, our hands and fingers will inevitably touch the screen while simply holding the device. But, no one will accept that those touches mess up your regular operation. So, Synaptics proposes to use touh sensitive areas on the backside of the device, allowing it to detect just how you're holding the device, and filter out the undesired touches.

It's the kind of technology that, if it works as well as it needs to, will be completely unnoticed by the end users. They'll just have to use their devices as intended, and not notice that their touch device is acting "weird" when you hold it in some particular way! :)

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