Friday, January 25, 2013

MyScript Calculator - All the Math at the Tip of your Finger

If you frown every time you hear about math equations, you'll love to see what I have to show you today: an App that will make your relationship with mathematics so much easier you might even reconsider hating it. You just need to download and try this amazing free App called MyScript Calculator (available for both  Android and iOS)?

The App would be interesting enough by the simple fact that you don't get a numeric keypad - you just write on it as if it were a piece of paper, and your handwriting gets instantly converted to digitized numbers and symbols. But, there's much more: you can write a "?" when you want to know an unknown value in an expression - like, for instance "10-?=8".

Of course, that wouldn't of much use... but you'll see what I mean when you start writing equations like these:

Yep, you're seeing right. This App can gobble up practically anything you can throw at it, and I just wonder how my math lessons would have been a lot easier if we had this sort of tool back then.

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