Monday, February 4, 2013

$25 Raspberry Pi Model A Finally Available

The small Raspberry Pi micro-computer has been conquering the world from the very first day it has put on sale. But today, the time finally comes for them to fulfill their promise and put the famed $25 model on sale, the Raspberry Pi Model A.

Not that I believe too many would be put off by the more "expensive" $25 Raspberry Pi Model B, which has more memory, an extra USB port, and double the RAM; but if that's not a requirement for your project, you can save the $10 and use it elsewhere. Besides, there's an added advantage of this cheaper Raspberry Pi: power usage. The Model A uses about 1/3 the power of the Model B, and that can be all it takes to make it the ideal choice for battery operated or solar powered systems.

For now, the Raspberry Pi model B will only be on sale in Europe, but it shouldn't take long for it to be available worldwide. Meanwhile, you can play around with Model B... :)

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