Saturday, February 9, 2013

High-Quality Video of UFO... is Fake

Tired of seeing UFO videos where all you can see is blurry dots of light with no reference to any real objects that allow us to get a sense of scale or speed? You'd think that with all the smartphones with cameras in the wild, we'd now get to see higher quality videos of these strange objects in the sky, right?

And at first, you might think that happened in the following video:

Impressive footage - but that serves to prove that you simply can't trust even the things that seem to be real on video. This video is fake (the alien mothership at the end might have been a little "too much"). But the most interesting part is that it isn't just the UFOs that are fake: it's the entire video that is fake!

Yes, the car, the road, the clouds, and even the driver's hand... all created by digital computer magic.

If you're thinking the guys that did this deserved to be working in Hollywood, you wouldn't be far from the truth. This video was created by Aristomenis Tsirbas, which has worked on movies like Titanic, Hellboy, and several Star Trek series, and is an expert on photorealistic digital effects.

So... as if it was really necessary to say it once again: don't trust everything you see on the internet, even if it seems like a realistic UFO video.

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