Friday, February 8, 2013

Facebook Error Takes Down Most of the Internet

I think it would be appropriate to cue in the Twilight intro theme, with the "do not adjust your TV set" - but I suspect most of younger people would have never heard it before. Yesterday millions of users worldwide might have been puzzled when, visiting their usual websites, they ended up in a Facebook page showing an error.

The problem was caused by the fact that most sites use a small Facebook script to allow visitors to "like" and "share" their products and news on Facebook, but somehow Facebook did something wrong that caused most sites (every one?) using it to redirect theirs users to a strange Facebook page. In my own case, I was redirected this Facebook error page when trying to access a YouTube channel page - so you might understand just how odd it was.

Facebook quickly fixed the issue (I can imagine all the alarms going off in there as they saw millions of accesses to that error page) but that prompts us to imagine just how vulnerable the entire internet may be if some malevolent hackers, by any chance, could inject their code using this method and having their nasty script nearly instantaneously placed on millions on computers that would be browsing legitimate sites.

Wouldn't that be something to really worry about?

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