Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HTC and Ubuntu Countdown in Sync

It's most likely a coincidence, but if you don't believe in those, it's certainly intriguing that both HTC and Ubuntu have chosen the exact same day and time to unveil something new. In less than a couple of hours we'll know what they're up to, and see if there is anything related in these announcements... or not.

In case of Ubuntu, we can be sure that after their Ubuntu Phone they'll now show off their Ubuntu for tablets (probably running in a Nexus 7 and/or Nexus 10).

As for the HTC, while some say we might see a Ubuntu powered device, I think it's safer to assume we'll get to know the new "M7" high-end smartphone that is expected to come to market within a couple of weeks and that will mark the beginning of the super-maxi-phone wars for this year - we'll see how it fares comparing to the likes from Sony, LG, and of course... Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4 which is still under wraps.

I just hope that, in the race for these amazing mobile devices, manufacturers don't forget that we still need high-end smartphones in more portable formats. These FullHD 5"+ screens might be impressive... but I still think there are a lot of people out there that are unwilling to carry those around in their daily life.

How do you see these upcoming monsters? Are you willing to sacrifice a bit of "pocketability" for the chance to have a FullHD screen in your smartphone?

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