Monday, February 18, 2013

Google Takeout Now Inlcudes Blogger and Google+

There's nothing worse than having invested hundreds or thousands of hours using a service, creating and storing valuable data and content, and then not be able to easily download it for safe keeping, or for whatever other purpose you so desire.

Google has its own Takeout service that allows you to do just that, and that has now been expanded to include more Google services, that will come in handy for all those that use either Blogger or Google+.

Yes Google Takout now includes Blogger and Google+ data, meaning you can - at any time - take all the data you've ever written in those services. Blogger already supported an export function to XML, so... it's just a matter of now being easier to use (and it does include all you blogs in one go, unlike the export function in each blog). As for Google+, while you also had the option to "takeout" your Google+ Stream and Google+ Circles data, you can now include your Google+ Pages as well.

Now, all that is missing is for Google to add Gmail to Takeout... that's what most people are still waiting for.

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