Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Giant Waves of Nazaré [Portugal]

I don't know if you keep tabs on surfing news, but whether you do or not, you won't resist seeing the gigantic walls of water that are created in the small Portuguese town of Nazaré. This isn't the first time that Nazaré has been talked about around the world. In 2011Garrett McNamara broke the world record there, surfing the biggest wave ever... but now it has surpassed it, surfing an (estimated) 100 foot wave.

Estimated or not, just see for yourself the kind of waves we're talking about:

But, why - with so many countries facing the ocean - are these gigantic waves so hard to find? What secrets does Nazaré hide to be the perfect place for these wave formations?

Well... it's all thanks to an enormous underwater canyon that leads right into the small town.

This canyon guides and amplifies the oceanic waves, making them more powerful than most other places.

Now that you know where to find them, you just need to be crazy enough to try and ride them. ;P

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