Friday, March 22, 2013

Turn your iPhone into a Satphone

You may love using your iPhone everywhere, knowing that wherever you are, you can keep in touch with the world, call your friends, access the internet, check your email, and so on. But the fact is that all that power can quickly disappear, as you move further and further away from populated areas... not to mention travelling to other countries with little/none cell infrastructure to support it.

But there's a way to fix this: satellites. Satellites have helped connect the entire world, and are (mostly) always on sight. And now, thanks to a cleverly engineered sleeve, you can now turn your iPhone into a SatPhone by simply plugging it into this SatSleeve.

Operating on Thuraya’s satellite network, you can expect to be fully covered in (some of ) Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. It’s only available for the iPhone 4 and 4S, but Thuraya sells a cradle attachment for the iPhone 5; and there will be an Android version in the future, as soon as they settle on which model to support (due to the numerous different designs and models).

You'll also like to know that even if your iPhone runs out of juice, you'll still be able to use the sleeve by itself as a cellphone, although restricted to calling a single preset number of your choosing.

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