Thursday, March 21, 2013

Minuum Space Saving Touchscreen Keyboard

Tired of having your smartphone/tablet touchscreen keyboard pop out and cover most of the screen (maybe even occluding some of things you'd like to be able to see while typing something - forcing you to move back and forth between hiding the keyboard and showing it again)? You're certainly not alone. Touchscreen keyboards have evolved by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. But if space is of the essence, you might want to give this upcoming Minuum soft keyboard a try.

It's goal is simple: to save space. And in fact, by "compressing" q QWERTY keyboard down to a single dimension, this keyboard takes less than half as much screen real estate than traditional virtual keyboards.

But... how are you expected to type without mistakes in a single line keyboard with key on top of each other? You aren't. Mistakes are expected and welcomed. This keyboard uses an auto-correct engine that will figure out what you want to type, based on the approximate position of your typing (a similar process to the one you can see in action in keyboards like Swype, that "figure out" the word just by drawing it over the keys). And from the looks of it, it's already working quite nicely.

The project is bein crowdfunded in indiegogo, and has already surpassed the target amount. But if you're into this sort of space-saving keyboard... all it takes is $5 to give you access to the Minuum keyboard and all future premium versions.

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