Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tegra 6 to be 100x Faster than Tegra 2

The CPUs and GPUs used in mobile devices have been evolving at an incredible rate. Suffice to say, the new Galaxy S4 is twice as fast as the previous S3, and to really put things into perspective Nvidia has reveled its roadmap, and announcing a 100x performance improvement when it "Parker" (Tegra 6) comes out in 2015.

Yes, Nvidia keeps using super-hero code names for their Tegra models: Tegra 3 was known as "Kal-El" (Superman), Tegra 4 as "Wayne" (Batman), and the upcoming Tegras are "Logan" (Wolverine) arriving later this year and "Parker" (Spider man) in 2015. This means in 2015 we'll have mobile devices with 100x more power than the ones we had in 2011 - it's simply... incredible!

But even before that, the upcoming "Logan" should already be quite impressive, as it will add a Kepler GPU to the mix (Kepler is the existing GPU technology you can find on "big computer" graphics' cards with Nvidia GPUs).

And talking about GPUs, those will also keep up doubling performance every two years. Next year the Maxwell architecture will replace the current Kepler, with an unified virtual memory that will simplify developers' lives by allowing both the CPU and GPU to access any memory content without having to worry if it's on the CPU side or the GPU side. And later on... the Volta GPUs, that will feature a stacked memory design that will finally take care of the "starving" memory bandwidth of current GPU architectures. Nvidia says it will have enough bandwidth to go through an entire bluray movie in a fraction of a second.

Can't wait to see all that power put into good use!

[via cnet]

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