Monday, April 8, 2013

Animal Mind Control gets Closer to Reality

In James Cameron's Avatar, we see humans taking control of other biological specimens - and that is something that can only belong to the realm of science fiction, right? Well... not so fast. We're still a long way from that, but researchers have been able to mind-control a rat wagging its tail.

Yes, it's still a very modest achievement, but the key point is that it proves that it's possible. With a few more decades of development, who's to say what this methods will allow us to do? Can you imagine being able to dive deep into the ocean controlling a fish, or maybe even experience the world through the eyes of a tiny insect?

Of course, this same technology also opens up a lot of room for complicated scenarios... like mind-controlling another people's bodies; or even being used in reverse, giving an animal control of a human body. ... I can sense a flurry of hollywood writers going into overdrive writing scripts based on the implications of this technology. :)

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