Saturday, April 27, 2013

Google Shuts Down "Out of Play" Updates

Android and its Google Play Store might be "open" and welcoming, but there are times when one must remind guests enough is enough, and that there are things one would expect to be common sense and/or decent behavior that should go without notice. It seems that precisely what is now happening with Google explicitly forbidding Apps in Google Play to bypass it for updates... like Facebook has done with its own app.

I did find it very odd for Facebook to go that route, considering Google Play updates work perfectly fine, and you can even allow for automatic updates should you so desire (making Facebooks excuse of "better enforcing up-to-date updates meaningless). And, one can also imagine if every other app decided to do the same, transforming our Androids in a random mess of Apps doing their own updates as they wished, forcing us to handle one by one with its specific settings and whatever...

Google Play Store updates work fine... It's only natural for Google to remind everyone that they should play according to its rules. If not, that can do whatever they want... just don't expect those apps to be available via Google Play.

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