Thursday, April 25, 2013

Galaxy S4 Screen vs HTC One

First of all, keep in mind that any of the most recent series of high-end smartphones with FullHD screens is... absolutely amazing and mesmerizing. But even so, someone had to go and put the pentile SuperAMOLED screen of the Galaxy S4 next to a FullHD screen like the one found on the new HTC One.

The key is that Samsung didn't (couldn't?) use the SuperAMOLED Plus technology with RGB subpixels, and instead shaved off a few of them using a pentile pattern instead. Sure, at these high PPI (pixels per inch) you won't really notice it... unless you really "picky" about it. And you can't forget to consider that AMOLED screens do hold some advantages in power efficiency (in black background images), contrast, and color.

But even so, let's hope Samsung figures out a way to make FullHD superAMOLED "Plus" screens for smartphones and tablets, with all the subpixels, and make these discussions go away.

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