Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Swype for Android on Google Play Store

It took them long enough, but finally Swype - one of the most amazing soft keyboards in existence today - has taken the last step and gone from beta version to an official, paid app available in Google's Play Store.

Yes, you can now get Swype for just $0.99, and enjoy the art of typing as you glide your finger over the keyboard. Yes, Google's latest Android keyboard also has a swype mode, and SwiftKey - regarded as the best soft keyboard ever by many - also joined the swype technique a while back. But, Swype is the one that invented the concept, and in the hands of Nuance... we can expect it to still hold its ground.

Even if you're not fond of swiping to write it also easily catters for regular typing modes, as well as integration Dragon Dictation - probably the best voice recognition engine on the market today.

Swype supports dozens of local dialects, adjusts to the typing of each user, does word prediction, has word selection gestures for quick and easy editing, and also integrates with Dragon Mobile Assistant.

For a limited time, Swype is available in the Google Play store for just $0.99. Get it while it lasts.

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