Monday, April 22, 2013

Put Your Raspberry Pi on a Datacenter for Free

If you're already a fan of the small, inexpensive, but quite capable Raspberry Pi, you'll certainly like to know you can now have your tiny computer placed on a datacenter... for free! You can thank PCextreme for it, as the Dutch company has decided to host them in their Amsterdam data center via their Raspeberry Colocation program.

You can send you ready to work Raspberry Pis to then - or, you can also buy one from them (in which case you'll save the shipping costs, don't forget to factor that in as well). It's the perfect opportunity for every project that can benefit from a high speed internet access (you get up to 500GB bandwidth per month) without depending on your home connection. They even suggest some possible uses: like email and chat server, web server, VPN tunneling, etc.

The Raspberry Pi colocation product will exist for an indefinite period of time, but they guarantee at least 12 months of "active time" to reassure all those interested in this.

Should this end - or you decide you've had enough fun - you can get your Raspberry Pi back supporting the shipping cost back home.

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